New Build, 0.8.82 (1550) is out restart your steam and try it out!

Thanks for all the feedback and bug reports everyone. I uploaded a build today to fix some of the issues.

Restart Steam to force Cannon Brawl to update, you won’t be able to quick match with people who are running the new build until you.
  • Fixed crashes on main menu and in various campaign missions
  • Fixed settings related crashes
  • Quitting the game mid match now counts as a surrender and will self destruct the HQ of the person who surrendered. The victorious player will gain ELO, the surrendering player will lose elo. If you hard disconnect by closing the game or unplugging your internet connection, this will still count as a surrender for you and a victory for the other player.
  • Fixed xp points being awarded strangely in Friend Invite mode
  • Fixed issue where Minionette and the build platform were sometimes not unlocked after beating the campaign
  • Added the option to select which input device Cannon Brawl uses for gamepads. For those of you having trouble with using the keyboard during gameplay, go to Settings and change Gamepad 1 and Gamepad 2 to either “none” or the device you want to use as a gamepad.
  • Fixed bug where missiles were not downgraded when passing through shields
  • Fixed bug where scoring the exact time on a campaign mission wouldn’t give you the medal
  • Accelerator no longer increases the gold rate of Banks and Mine
  • HQ takes 50% less fall damage
  • Increased King’s shield recharge from 10s to 15s and fixed a bug where it could recharge in 1s

Hope you guys are enjoying the game, we’ll have more build updates in the future with more fixes and other good stuff!