Pete and I are teaming up with the Yogscast guys to try to get some more eyeballs on our indie game Cannon Brawl. As a tiny team of two, we need all the help we can get in getting the word out about this labor of love that we’ve been working on for the last few years. Our hope is that the YogDiscovery video will help grow the audience for Cannon Brawl, because the more people playing multiplayer the more fun it is for everyone! Pete and I want to be completely transparent that a small portion of each sale of Cannon Brawl will go to support Yogscast for a week after they post about us, in addition to the 10% being donated to charity through our Humble sales.

We hadn’t seen the video they posted in advance, and we wanted it to be an honest reflection about the game. We’re in Beta and Cannon Brawl still has a few rough edges, but all in all Pete and I are really proud of the game we’ve put together. It’s been a lot of long nights, peering through code, photoshop ninja-ing, tuning parameters, and tinkering with the game to make it as solid as possible. We hope the core mechanics shine through and that the Yogscast broadcast will help players who were looking for an artillery based RTS find our little gem!