The ever talented Maxwell Mcgee runs a podcast called Dinner with the Devs where he grabs some developrs, some dinner, and some recording equipment and makes a podcast. If you’re curious about game development and what kind of people these game developers are, it’s makes for a good listen.

Theresa and I had the pleasure of being in the latest episode, which you can listen to here. Normally in interviews and podcasts, Theresa and I end up talking a lot about what we do (Cannon Brawl), but not so much about who we are. So it was fun to do this podcast with Maxwell where we covered more about how we met on a crystal dig, how to use ouija boards, and other types of strange stories we’ve been a part of. I enjoyed listening to it just as much as I enjoyed hanging out with Theresa and Maxwell recording it.

Dinner with the Devs has a lot of other good podcasts with other indie devs, so I recommend taking a listen!