“It’s extremely difficult to create a unique piece of art in an industry that’s awash with same-y titles, watered down sequels and plain ol’ rip-offs, so it’s important for gamers to not let rare jewels slip through the cracks. Turtle Sandbox’s Cannon Brawl is just such a jewel.” – Andrew Heaton WeGotThisCovered.com


“I enjoyed it immensely.” – Chris O’Regan, Spong.com


“I can honestly say that Cannon Brawl is one of the most interesting games I’ve played in quite some time.” – Liam Dawe GameingOnLinux.com


“Cannon Brawl is exactly what I want a game to be: easy to understand, fun to play and constantly giving me things to do.” – Justin Last snackbar-games.com


“Cannon Brawl also brings back something that I miss: sitting next to your friends and playing games. ” – Jonathan A TheVideoGameBacklog.com


Seamlessly combining a strategy game with a surprising amount of depth and fast paced action definitely makes Cannon Brawl stand out from the bunch. Smooth gameplay, a solid campaign and fun multiplayer add up to one solid game. If you’re looking for a strategy title that pushes you to be on top of your game look no further.” – Ishmael Romero Twinfinite.com


“The game is simply stellar at what it sets out to do.” – Luke Siuty IndieGameMag


Overall, Cannon Brawl is a wonderful experience that should find its way onto everyone’s computer. The game is $15 on Steam and there’s even an option to buy a two pack of it for $20. The price is easily worth it for either option as players will spend several hours on the Campaign and even more with the multiplayer.” – Billy White GameIndustryNews


It’s just one of those games that will make you thankful for the Indie developer movement, because it’s fun as hell to play, doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to buy, and is curated by talented developers that will stop at nothing to ensure the gaming public remains pleased with its offerings.” - Matt Heywood Entertainment Buddha


Comprised mostly of action and doing away with the filler, Cannon Brawl is a game aimed towards the strategy fans that just want to get into the game and start calculating the most efficient trajectory towards your opponents castle for your projectile. ” – Gabriel Mejia Two Dash Stash


Turtle Sandbox has made a strategy game with a ton of joy. Cannon Brawl is delightful and chaotic. It’s fast-paced and strategic. It is a combination of like-minded ideas I’m surprised haven’t been brought together before. Ultimately, Cannon Brawl is the most fun I have had playing a multiplayer strategy game in years, standing tall in its storied genre.” - Clint Prentice Error Not Found


“It is incredibly difficult for me to not drift back over to Steam and start playing again.” – Courtney Holmes Pixelkin


The campaign is probably one of the best tutorials I’ve ever played.” – Yolanda Green G3AR.com


“Cannon Brawl is a cleverly designed, twitch real-time strategy game.” - Mateja Simovic Capsule Computers


“This real-time, artillery-focused offering from Turtle Sandbox Games more than stands on its own two feet, with plenty to offer fans of earlier series such as Worms or newcomers alike.” - Sophie Halliday ZTGD


It’s a wonderfully well-designed and satisfying game.” - Jesse Singal Boston Globe


“Overall, the experience of Cannon Brawl is very fun. I found humor in the dialogue and addiction in the strategic gameplay…The online multiplayer delivers high replay value, as there is nothing more challenging than facing off against another person.” – Gregory Bargas GamingEnthusiast.net


Cannon Brawl does a great job at making strategy feel accessible. Its fast paced gameplay gives you all the stress and excitement of a strategy game without the agonizing micromanagement and learning curve. ” - Jared Wolthuis Enemy Slime


That strategy and balance of the towers and pilots unlocked in both single player, and multiplayer through XP are what will keep you coming back. ” – Zachary Slater TimeDoctor.org


I love a good artillery game and Cannon Brawl just might be a great one. As well as measuring angles and projectile strength, the gorgeous RTS hybrid from Turtle Sandbox has players managing resources and locations across its 20 single player missions.” – Adam Smith Rock Paper Shotgun


It’s a game for blowing each other up, and it does this with a sense of fun that is hard not to be caught up in.” – Brendan egmr.net


“Cannon Brawl melds the RTS and tower defense genres into a narcotic blend whose sum – in this age of derivation – overshadows its parts. The gameplay hooks sink in early, and they sink in deep. With such tasty bait, the hardest part of Cannon Brawl is putting the controller down for a break … but just for a few minutes.” – Josh Kowbel wiki game guides


I personally keep coming back to the game as I still find myself baffled at how something so simple can be such a complicated metagame, and I find myself enjoying every second of it.” – Alex R – Gamers Assault Weekly