Want to play Cannon Brawl with your friends?  We’re releasing a free demo so your friends can try it out!

We want to get our multiplayer lobbies bursting with new people so you can always find opponents, whether you’re using our matchmaking system or inviting a friend.  That’s why we’ve decided to open up the game for players to try it free.

To celebrate, we’re also putting on a sale this week.  If you like what you see, you can get the full game for 40% off!

The free demo allows you to play skirmish games against the AI, unranked multiplayer, and you can accept invites to friend matches from owners of the full game. You’ll get one airship pilot and 5 war machines to try out.

The full game includes much more. It’s got a twenty mission campaign with boss battles, nightmare mode, tons more airship pilots and units to unlock, puzzle levels, and competitive ranked multiplayer.

A demo you say, so why is it called Free-To-Play?

A big part of Cannon Brawl is its intense multiplayer matches. We want demo players and owners of the full game to be able to fight each other in unranked multiplayer matches. With steam matchmaking, this ends up being called Free-To-Play. But for Cannon Brawl, you can think of it as a demo. There are no microtransactions or in game purchases. If you like the free demo, you can buy and enjoy the full game like you would with any other demo.

See you on the battlefield!