About Us

What we’re about:
We believe in creating games that are not just engaging, but also inspire thought and spark imagination. We believe in pushing game design to new places!

We were founded in 2011 by Peter Angstadt and Theresa Duringer after winning the Activision Independent Games Competition with our entry Dstroyd, now called Cannon Brawl. It’s a 2D action strategy game with destructible terrain for the PC and Xbox. We’re hoping to release it soon.


The Team:

Peter Angstadt – Code and design
Theresa Duringer – Art and additional design


Special Thanks To:
Rich Vreeland – Music
Michael Peddicord – Additional code
Sam Torno – Additional code, webdev



Cannon Brawl featured in the 2012 PAX 10

Dstroyd (Cannon Brawl) wins Activision Independent Games Competition

Creo awarded 2011 SXSW Independent Propeller Award in Technical Excellence


Peter Angstadt – pete at turtle-sandbox dot com
Theresa Duringer – tduringer at turtle-sandbox dot com

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