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Announcing Cannon Brawl Ville! [April Fools]


April Fools! Don’t worry, we won’t be doing any of the silliness below:

Cannon Brawl Ville will be the best free online social combat game on facebook. Immerse yourself in a vibrant 3D battlefield, meet a cast of silly characters with enormous heads relative to their bodies, and play with your friends on an epic grind to win!

For those of you who played the alpha, you might be wondering “how can Cannon Brawl work as a social game on facebook?” To answer that question, we’ve planned some giant improvements:
- Simplification of all previous skill based elements down to single clicks!
- Invite your friends to send you ammunition, buildings, and decorations for the battle!
- Populate the battlefield with your friends, shoot them out of cannons!
- Free to play, but pay to win!

We want to put the ‘social’ back in action strategy!

Let us know you thoughts and get 1,500 free Cannon Brawl Ville Coins when Cannon Brawl Ville launches (virtual currency for use in our upcoming Cannon Brawl Battlefield Decorations in-game store).

Tuning, Testing, and Design Challenges

Mike Rose over at ran an article about some of the design challenges we faced and how we’re trying to overcome them in developing Cannon Brawl. Read about some of the many features we tried out, but cut for the good of the game. We also talk about our approach to tuning the game. Full article here.

Alpha Demo Common Issues

We’re hoping you’re enjoying our alpha demo, but sometimes unexpected issues pop up! Here’s some fixes for a few of those issues:

Download Problems
If you have trouble downloading the game from indiedb, you can click here to try downloading it from our site instead.


Crash on Start/Missing Graphics
If you start the game and get a black screen and it crashes, or if the main menu is missing, try this:
1) Open the Control Panel
2) Choose Clock, Language, and Region > Language and Region
3) Under the format tab, change it to English (United States)
4) Change it back after you’re done playing
We’ll have a fix for this in a future build, but until then the work-around should help.


System Requirements
And last but not least, make sure you meet these system requirements:

  • OS: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8
  • Processor: Any processor with 2 Cores
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: ATI or Nvidia Videocard with at least 256MB, or Intel GMA 950 or newer (must support DirectX 9.0c)
  • Hard Drive: 512 MB HD space



Remember, if you find bugs, performance issues, or anything else to help improve the game, we want to hear about it! Leave that feedback at our steam greenlight page, in the discussion section.

Thanks guys!

Get your hands on the Cannon Brawl Alpha Demo!

We’re excited to announce that for the first time ever, you can try out Cannon Brawl – the next evolution of the artillery genre! We’ve released a demo version of our alpha build for free!

Remember, this is our ALPHA version and we’ve still got some time before release, so a lot of things might be a bit rough, and others still need some love and polish.

While you’re playing, if you find bugs, performance issues, or anything else to help improve the game, we want to hear about it! Leave your feedback at our steam greenlight page, in the discussion section.

Just download, unzip, run the setup and the game should start! See you in discussions!

And now, without further adieu, download it here. See you on the greenlight discussions!

Build, Protect, and Destroy with the new Warhead!

1. First, build it and it’s countdown timer starts.

2. It’s a long countdown (~90s right now), protect it until it’s ready to launch!

3. Once it’s ready, you can launch it!

4. It’ll guide itself directly to the enemy headquarters.

However, it can be destroyed mid flight if the enemy focuses all his attention on it!

We want to enable many playstyles in Cannon Brawl, and the warhead explores the ‘turtle’ strategy where you can build up lots of defenses in a small area, and a few high risk, but high reward weapons like the warhead, and just focus on defending them until they’re ready to launch.

Thanks to Kieran from our facebook page for the inspiration! If you have any building ideas you’d like to see in the game, leave them in the comments!

And don’t forget to check out our greenlight page!

We arrive on Greenlight!

Help support our crazy real time strategy, 2D ballistics mashup – Vote a yes for our entry on Greenlight!


Airship Pilot Character Concepts

We want to give you a lot of depth and variety to choose from in Cannon Brawl. In addition to all the different weapons and defenses you can pick, we’re adding unique Airship Pilots.

Each pilot will come with his own distinct airship AND will have a different automatic power that will affect the way you play. You’ll get to unlock these pilots as you progress through the campaign and they’ll help tell the story.

First, here’s my programmer art mockups of some of our new pilots. Forgive the silly arms out poses and other artistic failings, I’m only the programmer! Soon Theresa will take an art pass on them and transform them into awesomeness, but for now here they are:


How do these pilots affect a battle?

Maybe you like to play aggressive and do lots of structure damage on battlefield, you might want to try the Grunt pilot given that he gains gold from damage done! Or maybe you want to be more defensive and protect and invest in what you build. If that’s you, the Prince could be a good choice given his buildings will slowly repair themselves over time. Or maybe you like a high economy game, perhaps try the king – he gets extra gold! We’re also working on more pilots with other abilities coming up soon.

If you’ve got an ideas for new pilot abilities, leave them in comments!


Prototyping the Frost Tower

Right now we’re working on a few new buildings, one of which is the Frost Tower. You can see it in action and read a little more about it over at our IndieDB page:


Mailing list is now live!

I got a lot of requests recently about whether we have a mailing list, so today I set one up!

Head over to our newsletter page to sign up.

I’ll use it for letting you guys know when we release new trailers, when the demo or pre-order beta is available, and of course when we release. Also, let me know in the comments if there’s anything else you’d want updates on, or how frequently you’d want them!

PAX Multiplayer Gameplay Trailer

Here’s a quick trailer from the build we took to PAX as part of the PAX 10. This trailer features two of our multiplayer levels and a few of the buildings you’ll have available:

We’re still months away from release, so lots more to come!

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