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Cannon Brawl on Polygon

W00t!  Dave Tach from Polygon wrote about Cannon Brawl!

“In the broadest sense, Cannon Brawl is a mashup of tower defense, real-time strategy and ballistics-based gameplay, set atop destructible environments….Cannon Brawl rearranges and styles the familiar into something with its own character and personality. ” -  Dave Tach (Polygon)


Check out the full article on Polygon here.



Indie Impressions video

Spiral into a sequence of addiction with RockLee in his Indie Impressions video about Cannon Brawl!



CANNON BRAWL: Dumber Vs Nitro

This time it’s Dumber Vs. Nitro in a battle to get the first “trusty rusty” cannon onto the map. Check it out!



Cannon Brawl on Big Sushi FM Podcast


Landon and John from Big Sushi sat down to talk with us about launching the game.  Check out the podcast to hear the story about how we got started and listen to our chat about games that inspired Cannon Brawl design, like Gunbound and Dominion.

“The design of Cannon Brawl provides a lot of depth and replayability that blends mechanics masterfully” – Landon Durnan (BigSushiFM)


Check it out here!




One Hour Into Cannon Brawl

Jack takes on a skirmish against the AI in his One Our Into video. Massive Missiles have nothing against his Cannons in this round.

WrongPlay: Cannon Brawl!

Check out Space Invader playing through the campaign!

Let’s Look At video from Northernlion

“It’s the melding of tactical thinking and strategic thinking that makes this such a joy to play.” – Northernlion

Cannon Brawl with Dumber Video

Watch YouAlwaysWin earn his Shields in the game!

Check Out video from Force

Watch Force try out some eclectic strategies vs the AI in his newest video in the Check Out series!

The Adorasplosive Cannon Brawl

Rock Paper Shotgun wrote an awesome article on Cannon Brawl!

“Sound the siren because we’ve found yet another adorable indie strategy game!”

Read the full article at Rock Paper Shotgun


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