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Cannon Brawl console release dates announced!

Big news everyone, thanks to the amazing folks at Blitworks, Cannon Brawl is coming to consoles very soon!

We’re very excited to announce the release dates:

Playstation 4 – Aug 2nd
Xbox one – Aug 5th


Spread the word, tell your friends!



Cannon Brawl hits Final Release!

Today is the big day, Cannon Brawl is now 1.0! We’re really proud of what we’ve accomplished. Cannon Brawl is fun, looks fantastic, and explores new areas of design for strategy games. It’s everything we imagined it would be: full campaign, puzzle levels, and deep and competitive online multiplayer.

Cannon Brawl has come a long way from the little prototype I made back in college which used to be called Dstroyd. It won the Activision Independent Games Competition, which launched me and Theresa’s journey into full time indie game development as Turtle Sandbox. It was selected in the 2012 PAX 10, which helped get our name out there and was the first time we demoed it publicly. We launched our alpha in July of 2013 on Early Access, and today we’re now ready to call it done! Of course, we’ll still support it with futures patches and updates.

Thanks to everyone who played the Early Access builds, we got a ton of great feedback and it’s made the game better than we ever thought possible. It’s been great to have players who play the game at a higher level than we do and can help balance and tune in ways we couldn’t have done on our own.

We’ll be streaming on Twitch from 12pm-8pm PDT. Stop on by to join our celebration of launch day and see some exciting match ups in online multiplayer! And last but not least, check out our new launch trailer:



Release Date: September 19th 2014





Addictively fun and fast-paced, Cannon Brawl, is launching on Steam for PC and Mac


San Francisco, CA–August 20th 2014–Turtle Sandbox LLC today announces Cannon Brawl is set to release on September 19th 2014.  Cannon Brawl is a fast paced action strategy game that combines the skill-based play of a classic artillery game with the rapid-fire pacing of an RTS.  “Cannon Brawl is the game we’ve always wished existed,” said Peter Angstadt, cofounder of Turtle Sandbox.  “It combines two compelling game mechanics, with explosively fun results.”


More than two years in development, this game has been crafted with love by the two person development team and the community on Steam Early Access since July 2013.  With player feedback in mind, Turtle Sandbox has been hard at work cranking out new features, airships, war machines, and support and balance for the most popular game mode, online multiplayer.  With a treasure box of new features lined up for launch, including an online multiplayer lobby, Cannon Brawl is getting fired up for it’s full release.


Matches are quick, fun, and fast paced.  Players choose from a wide array of pilots and war machines to create a combination of buildings that they can drop from airships across 2D multiplayer maps to decimate their opponents.  With resource management, territory control, and war machine upgrades, players will find an intense RTS experience wrapped up in a delightful fantasy world.


Between the campaign, puzzle levels, nightmare mode, and online multiplayer support, there are hours of gameplay to enjoy in this indie offering.


Cannon Brawl is available for PC and Mac on Steam.


Visit Cannon Brawl on Steam or find out more at


About Turtle Sandbox

Turtle Sandbox is an up and coming indie outfit comprised of Theresa Duringer and Peter Angstadt.  After meeting at Maxis they splintered off to spin up their own game company.  Keeping things small has given them the creative freedom to push boundaries in development and come up with something totally new.  Cannon Brawl represents their debut offering as indie game developers.

Cannon Brawl Beta

Cannon Brawl is Beta

Cannon Brawl Beta

We did it! Cannon Brawl is going Beta today, July 7th!

Beta marks one of the last milestones before final release. The game has come so far since our launch last year and we’ve added a ton: Nightmare Mode, puzzle levels, new buildings, new pilots, new multiplayer maps, and Mac support. There’s almost 50% more game now!

To celebrate our milestone, we’re discounting the game 40% off on Steam Early Access from July seventh through the fourteenth.

Thanks for your continued support during our indie development adventure! The forums have been full of tournaments, development brainstorms and feedback which has been invaluable.

Cannon Brawl is the best, most jam-packed-with-awesome game we’ve made and it wouldn’t have been possible without your help.

Pete and Theresa

The Turtle Sandbox Team

Cannon Brawl on Steam

@CannonBrawl on Twitter

Get Cannon Brawl on Steam Early Access!


Cannon Brawl is NOW available on Steam Early Access! Only $8.99 (10%) for the first week!


The big day is here!
It’s time to fight your way across the king to defeat your evil Uncle in our 20 mission campaign and then crush your friends in online multiplayer. After two years of development, we welcome you to join Cannon Brawl’s Early Access and play the alpha version of our game. Here’s what that means for you:

  • Experience Cannon Brawl’s genre melting blend of RTS and artillery gameplay!
  • Be the first to fight through the campaign, battle in online multiplayer, and try out new content as we make it
  • You get access to the alpha, beta, and final verions of the game
  • We’ll be updating, improving, and balancing the game regularly

Help improve the game!
This is our first public release and your feedback is critical to shaping our game. Got a cool idea for a new building? Think a level could be better? Maybe a strategy you found needs a little balancing? Post to the Cannon Brawl Steam forums, and we’ll be working to update and improve the game to make it the best possible experience it can be!


Get it on Steam here.


- Pete and Theresa
The Turtle Sandbox Team

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